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Ask Maurice Moss!

Feb 20 '12

((Right, so….))

((Sorry guys, I kind of died and disappeared…. But I’ve come back and not only am I a whole world wiser in the way of the ask blog, but I’m willing to give it another go bc this is too cool to drop. So, as soon as I get my computer back (In a week or so) I’ll be back and active, albeit very slowly. That is all. May the force be with you.))

Sep 23 '11

((OOC Post))

((I don’t know if anyone really cares much, but I’m going to be gone for a few more days… I can’t seem to draw anything but Slenderman and chicken nuggets. I hope to be back in a few days but until this problem is resolved I’ll be out. :I Later bros. Love you all. So much.))

Sep 14 '11

I don’t really think I’d look so good in a dress Anon…

Sep 13 '11
Sep 10 '11
Sep 10 '11

dives-and-divas asked:

What are your thoughts on memory and RAM?

Are you are relative of Jen? Because she doesn’t seem to understand this concept either.

Let me help you out.

Aug 31 '11

starsign69-movingmovingmoving asked:

would you be interested in dating Kate Moss?

Of course I’ll date her for you!

Let’s see…

Was that helpful?

Aug 28 '11

tumblrbot asked:


The bathroom would be quite nice about now thank you.